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Remedios Rubiales (1986) born in the town of Ubrique begins to develop her artistic interests from an early age. Graduated in Fine Arts at the Miguel Hernández University, she presents as her final project the exhibition “Transforming and Ephemeral Nature”, a sample made on natural cork where the abstract comes to life in which she consolidates the hallmark of her creations.

His artistic works are full of color, brightness and life, framed within abstraction. Abstract expressionism is where the artist performs best using mixed techniques that allow her to capture different feelings and emotions.

Through the technique known as dripping is how Remedios’ work comes to life. A complex method that is previously built in the artist’s mind and that later is captured in the work allowing her to execute artistic works with a unique style. Whether on cork or wood, Remedios Rubiales breaks the classic canons of traditional art with innovative results.

She continues her career with numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the country, including Madrid, Orense, Cadiz, Seville and Huelva.

Currently he continues to develop his career as an artist, which he combines with the management of an art gallery.


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